Amazingly enough, given all the 'Tonight Show' commotion of late surrounding Jimmy Fallon's triumphant ascent to the throne vacated by Jay Leno in 2014, and most people are turning to Conan O'Brien for a reaction. TBS's 'Conan' host had famously won the coveted 'Tonight Show' hosting job in 2009, only to have it snatched away from a returning Leno, so what does Conan himself have to say on the latest shocker from NBC?

It was only a few short years ago that Jay Leno shocked the world by reclaiming the 'Tonight Show' from Conan O'Brien, following a dismal experiment that saw NBC keeping Leno in his usual time-slot and pushing the famed late-night series under O'Brien to midnight. Now, Conan seems to be removed from consideration entirely as NBC has announced Jimmy Fallon to take the big desk from Leno in 2014 and spoke about the new 'Tonight Show' for the first time.

Speaking in his 'Conan' monologue, the red-headed late night funnyman refrained from addressing his controversy with Jay Leno, but graciously wished Fallon the best. “I want to congratulate Jimmy, that is a really fun gig,” O’Brien said, as the crowd laughed “It is! It’s a fun gig and you know what? Jimmy is the perfect guy to do it; he’s going to do a fantastic job. So congratulations Jimmy.”

Jimmy himself offered a similarly reserved comment in his own 'Late Night' monologue, saying “This is Late Night with Jimmy Fallon…For now. You guys probably heard the news – I’m going to be taking over The Tonight Show next February! But don’t worry. Until February, our focus is right here on whatever this show is called.” David Letterman was a bit more acerbic in his own comments, calling the move "crazy," while Jay himself mainly made jokes about the awkwardness of his day.

We'll keep our ear to the ground for the latest developments in Jimmy Fallon's 2014 ascension to 'The Tonight Show' but what say you? Should Conan O'Brien have taken the slot after all? Will he remain with TBS after his 'Conan' contract expires in 2015?