We know, we know -- we post a lot of Batman-themed cosplay around here, but how could we resist this Caped Crusader and his cute little Boy Wonder?

Bob Kieffer is one of the world's greatest dads -- at least, that's what we think after checking out his cool father/son cosplay. Bob is a huge Batman fan, and seems to have passed it on to his son, so the pair dressed up as Batman and his crime-fighting sidekick Robin. The two of them took their act to Wizard World, where Bob and his son posed for pictures with convention attendees and brought a smile to the face of everyone they met.

And we gotta say, even though this is a pretty cute cosplay, the costumes are spot-on. Bob spent a lot of time researching and putting these costumes together, and the effort really shows, especially in his son's miniature Robin outfit, complete with itty-bitty mask and tiny boots. You can pretty much take anything and make it miniature-sized and it will automatically be 50% more adorable.

You can check out some pics of Bob and his son below, or head over to Bob's Facebook page for more. The last photo is our favorite -- crime-fighting is exhausting!

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