ScreenCrush to Star Command, do you read us? This cosplay of Buzz Lightyear from 'Toy Story' is absolutely wonderful!

UPDATE: This cosplayer has been identified as Thomas Sergneri, who was kind enough to offer some details and making-of photos of his costume below: "It’s made entirely from lightweight plastics such as stryene and pvc-foam. With a little bit of EVA foam on a few pieces." For more info on the making of this Buzz Lightyear cosplay, head on over to Sergneri's website Rawr Bomb, where you can also see his other incredible creations.

Inspired by 'Toy Story's lovable astro-traveler, this costume has everything -- the helmet, all the buttons (which we hope are functioning!), and joints perfectly crafted to allow optimal movement. And Sergneri even has the perfect Buzz Lightyear chin! How could he not dress up as Buzz?!

These photos were snapped at Emerald City Comic-Con last year by Nickolas Park of Washington state. If you head over to Park's DeviantArt page, you can check out tons of pics of cosplayers from all of his convention adventures.

Thomas Sergneri (Rawr Bomb), Flickr
Thomas Sergneri (Rawr Bomb), Flickr

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