Catwoman is one of those cosplay creations we see around a lot, but this Catwoman, inspired by 'Batman Returns,' is a whole different breed of stunning.

Meet Eleonora Malago, a Catwoman enthusiast from Italy who takes her love of the character to great heights with her fantastic Catwoman cosplay. Inspired by Tim Burton's 'Batman Returns' and Michelle Pfeiffer's dazzling portrayal of the femme fatale, Malago created this stunning costume.

The beautiful fan is decked out in black vinyl, using her DIY skills to bring this very DIY creation to life -- and that's what really sold us on it. In 'Batman Returns,' Selina Kyle goes all bonkers after she's pushed out of her office building and creates this totally homemade cat costume that feels tangible and accessible while also still maintaining that fantastic movie costume quality. It's the kind of costume a fan can replicate with enough dedication and ingenuity, and Malago nails it (no pun intended).

Malago did a photo shoot in her costume, and you can check out several choice photos below of the stunning lady in her equally stunning design, or head over to her DeviantArt page for more:

All photos courtesy Eleonora Malago

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