Watch out, dog lovers! Cruella de Vil is coming for your puppies! Oh sorry, that's just a really convincing cosplayer dressed as the notorious '101 Dalmatians' villain.

If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will. It's hard to be scared by this cosplayer, though, whose Cruella de Vil cosplay is just too divinely beautiful and luxurious to really make you run and hide.

Known as KitsuneBaby, this cosplay enthusiast has a taste for the theatrical and has put together some truly lovely costumes, including this take on the '101 Dalmatians' baddie. Don't worry, it's not a real fur coat. KitsuneBaby says she purchased the black dress and red gloves and altered them herself to make them more in keeping with the villain's classic look. The coat is, of course, faux fur with satin lining. Where KitsuneBaby got really crafty was with the accessories -- the shoes were kids' pumps that she painted red and added glitter, while the earrings and ring were made from buttons(!) that she painted teal to match the cigarette holder. She did a ton of work to alter the wig, having to basically cut and style it twice before it was satisfactory.

Check out some pics of KitsuneBaby as Cruella below, or head to her American Cosplay Paradise page for more!

KitsuneBaby, ACParadise
KitsuneBaby, ACParadise
KitsuneBaby, ACParadise
Ash B
Soulfire Studios

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