We weren't sure it was possible to make Elliot and 'E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial' even more adorable, but then we saw this cutie-pie kid's cosplay and our hearts skipped a beat.

Elliot and E.T. -- one of the greatest friendships in cinema history. Elliot saves E.T. from the evil government dudes who want to experiment on him and hurt him, and then he takes his little finger-glowing buddy on a magical bike ride so he can get back home. Are you crying just thinking about it? Us too!

We stumbled across this great 'E.T.' cosplay featuring a cute little kid and a stuffed alien friend, and this is the only photo we found. So we're going to cherish it for a while and hope we see more of this adorable little guy, who must seriously have the greatest parents ever.

And besides being really cool cosplay, the photo is beautiful and really captures the sweetness of one of our favorite warm-and-fuzzy movies of all time. The image below comes courtesy of the FullCosplay Tumblr, but if you figure out who this kid is, we'd love to give him proper credit.

E.T. Cosplay

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