It takes a lot of attitude and a ton of red paint to cosplay as 'Hellboy,' and this cosplayer is definitely up to snuff.

We really love this version of Big Red, courtesy of Chris Hampshire, a cosplay enthusiast from London. It's not easy to cosplay as Hellboy -- the guy is big, red and has a huge, rock-hard hand, and figuring out how to replicate his unique facial structure and sawed-off horns can be tricky, or so we imagine.

It appears that Chris used prosthetics and a bunch of red makeup to bring this beloved character to life. Hellboy began as a comic book series and was later adapted by Guillermo del Toro into two films starring Ron Perlman as the anti-hero, and while we'll likely never see a third film, it's great to see cosplayers keeping the spirit alive.

Chris took his Hellboy cosplay to the London Super Comic Convention back in February, and posed for some great photos, both solo and with various other cosplayers. He definitely looks the part, right down to that gruff stare. But we just have to wonder: does he love kitties as much as the real hero?

Check out some pics of Chris below, or head over to his Facebook page for more.

Jordan Mansfield, Getty Images
Jordan Mansfield, Getty Images
Jordan Mansfield, Getty Images
Project October, Facebook

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