Let's say it all together now, kids: "RU-FI-OOO!" If you don't know this chant from the movie 'Hook,' then you need to rent the DVD and give this adventure in Neverland a try. For the initiated, go on ahead to check out the skunk-haired leader of the Lost Boys in all his cosplay glory.

Rufio became the de facto leader of the Lost Boys after Peter Pan left to be with Moira. He's tough, he's foolhardy and he's got the most fabulous hairdo this side of the second star to the right. His initial distrust and resentment of Peter is replaced with great respect after the former leader's ... Pan-hood is restored, making him an excellent second-in-command in the fight against the pirates.

Effektdmentality is here as Rufio, complete with the skunky hair and leather outfit. His attention to detail is impeccable, which is made evident thanks to the beaded ornaments on his shirt and his nifty bone necklace. To really bring the cosplay to life, Effektdmentality even has Peter Pan's golden sword, coconut guard and all. Sprinkle some fairy dust on us, because a cosplay this awesome fills us with enough happy thoughts to send us flying.

You don't have to head to the second star to the right and fly straight on 'til morning in order to see more of Effektdmentality's cosplay. Simply go to his deviantART page, and check out all of his work there!

Darkain Multimedia
Tim Vo

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