Today's cosplay is a little bit girly, a little bit cute, but a whole lot of kick-ass! And it's probably the most legit 'Sailor Moon' costume we've seen in a while.

Sailor Moon seems like a pretty easy costume to put together -- a sailor-style, Japanese school girl uniform, Sailor Moon's signature tiara, some red boots... what else could you need? First off, Sailor Moon's hair is not easy to replicate in the slightest, especially with those shiny red orb-like hair accessories. And second, you need sass. Not just any sass, either. Sailor Moon is sassy and tough, but she's also kind of angelic and sweet.

We really love Liz Sakura's take on the character, which captures the spirit of Sailor Moon to a T. She's sweet, she's graceful, but she'll also whip your butt in combat. We applaud Liz's accurate take on the beloved anime icon, but we're in serious awe of her hair -- how did she do that?!

Liz has also cosplayed as 'Adventure Time' favorite Fionna, and if you want to check out those pics and more, head over to Liz's Facebook page.

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