We applaud this gender-bending cosplayer for having the, uh, guts to show us what Princess Leia (or Slave Leia, rather) of 'Star Wars' would look like if she were a man.

Ryan of Mad Art Lab has his reasons for disliking the Slave Leia costume -- mostly that Slave Leia represents the badass Princess Leia reduced to a sexual object and the property of a man (kind of? Is Jabba a man?), so when lady geeks dress up as Slave Leia, they're doing so because they think it's sexy, not because they care about the character. Interesting points, but then Ryan sort of changed his tune because hey, if you want to dress as Slave Leia and you feel comfortable enough to do that, then go for it.

Why should Ryan be dictating how lady geeks should cosplay, anyway? So then he got it into his head that he can't really condemn these women for dressing this way when it sure must take a lot of bravery to bare so much of their bodies for the sake of their geek icons -- and how brave is he when he dresses like 'Doctor Who'? Not very.

So Ryan decided to pull a Rule 63 and create the male version of Slave Leia -- Slave Leo -- and the results are pretty damn impressive:

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