It's always wonderful to find a cosplayer who doesn't just dress the part, but looks the part as well, and that's why we love this Babydoll cosplay based on Zack Snyder's 'Sucker Punch.'

Yeah, we know 'Sucker Punch' isn't that great of a movie, but we admire the ambition, and we're happy to see that ambition has inspired this cosplayer to take on the character of Babydoll, played in the film by Emily Browning.

Julie is a cosplayer from Russia, and as we've seen lately in the Cosplay of the Day, those Russian ladies mean business when it comes to emulating their favorite characters. But Julie has a leg-up on her fellow cosplayers because she's a total dead ringer for Emily Browning in 'Sucker Punch,' making Julie's cosplay extra special.

Julie loves fashion and costume design, and yes, she makes all of her own costumes by herself. The dedication is evident in her take on Babydoll, with a perfect replica of the sailor-inspired schoolgirl outfit, brown leather satchel, and yep, even the little charms on Babydoll's sword handle. Oh yeah, and she has a SWORD! Girls with swords rule.

Check out more photos of Julie as Babydoll below, or head over to her DeviantArt page to see more of her creations.

All photos courtesy JulieFiction

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