Ramona Flowers is the girl of Scott Pilgrim's dreams (literally) in 'Scott Pilgrim vs. The World' -- but this cosplayer has made the dream girl a reality with her awesome imitation of Ramona.

DeviantArt user and cosplayer Leilani Joy has a leg up on other Ramona Flowers wannabes in that she actually looks very similar to actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead -- it's totally in those big, adorable eyes! After browsing through her other photos, we determined that no, this is not Winstead doing cosplay of her own character, but just a girl who really loves 'Scott Pilgrim' and happens to share some similar facial features.

Unlike some other cosplayers, Leilani Joy opted over a bad wig and went for the real deal with a drastic cut-and-color job on her hair. The real Ramona changes her hair color every week and a half (deal with it, dude), but we like that Leilani chose the blue locks, which represent Ramona at the climax of the film.

You can check out more photos of Leilani Joy as Ramona Flowers below, and while her outfit is really on-point, it's also about the accessories, like Ramona's giant hammer and star purse! Oh, and obviously that deadpan "are you serious" look on her face -- nailed it.

All images courtesy LeilaniJoy

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