We really love 'Adventure Time' around here, especially the awesome parallel universe episode featuring Fionna and her cat Cake, the alternate versions of Finn and his dog Jake -- so naturally we're just as smitten for this Fionna cosplay!

Meet CourtoonXIII, a DeviantArt user and cosplay genius who put together this adorably awesome Fionna cosplay from the 'Adventure Time' episode "Fionna and Cake," in which the show examines an alternate universe where Finn the boy and his dog Jake are instead a girl named Fionna and her cat named Cake. Genders are swapped and cute hilarity ensues, but the cool twist at the end of the episode (that the Ice King was just reading some fan fiction) made "Fionna and Cake" an instant classic -- and it was really positive for female fans of the show to see how the main character could be a girl and still be just as kick-ass as her boy counterpart.

We're really digging this Fionna cosplay, which includes her pink sword and yes, even Cake the cat! Check out some more photos of CourtoonXIII's cosplay below, featuring a guest appearance by Prince Bubblegum, or head over to her page to see more -- including some photos of her with other 'Adventure Time' characters.

All images courtesy CourtoonXIII

And here's a photo of CourtoonXII out of costume:

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