Just because 'The Office' will officially come to an end after nine seasons by the end of the year doesn't mean you won't still be seeing the Dunder-Mifflin crew on TV.  No, we're not talking about 'The Farm,' 'The Mindy Project,' or even Angela Kinsey's new FOX comedy.  Instead' breakout star Craig Robinson will finally get his due when 'The Office' creator Greg Daniels develops a new NBC sitcom around him!  But what role will the loveable 'Hot Tub Time Machine' star play?

'The Office's Darryl Philbin may not have been given his moment in the spotlight as the head of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton, but executive producer Greg Daniels is about to right that wrong, according to Deadline.  After 'The Office' closes its doors for good next May, Daniels will develop an as-yet-untitled NBC sitcom around series star Craig Robinson!

Written by 'The Office' supervising producer Owen Ellickson, the new sitcom will see Robinson as a down-and-out musician, taking a new life as a music teacher in a big-city middle school that brings with it "teacher politics and the temptations of single moms."  Ellickson, Daniels, Deedle Dee’s Tracy Katsky, 3 Arts’ Howard Klein and Mark Schulman will executive produce, with Robinson himself serving as a producer.

Well, what say you?  Is it about time Craig Robinson got his due?  Tell is if you'll watch his new sitcom after 'The Office' ends!