Stars of 'The Office,' it is officially time to abandon ship. Mindy Kaling certainly got the ball rolling early by departing the NBC staple's final season for her own series 'The Mindy Project' on FOX, and many other 'Office' stars have movie careers to fall back on as well. So while the series may end up continuing in the Dwight Schrute-centric 'The Farm,' what current 'Office' star has made a deal of his or her own?

Well, if Mindy Kaling and Rainn Wilson can line up their own vehicles after the close of 'The Office' this season, why not Angela Kinsey? After all, given the potential Dwight Schrute spin-off 'The Farm,' 'The Office' was rather quick to step on any notion that Angela and Dwight would remain tied together in either case. Instead, Deadline reports that Kinsey and comedienne Rachel Harris will work together on their own FOX series 'Dirty Blondes,' to both write and star in a put-pilot commitment.

Produced by 'Glee' co-executive producer Stacy Traub, and co-written and directed by 'Zombieland's' Ruben Fleischer, 'Dirty Blondes' will derive somewhat from the real-life friendship of Kinsey and Harris, focusing on two women who find their friendship strengthened through their respective divorces.

Kinsey has been a staple of 'The Office' since its 2005 beginning, while Harris previously maintained a recurring role in FOX's 'New Girl' and had a part alongside 'Office' star Ed Helms in 'The Hangover.' Both Kinsey and Harris met as part of Los Angeles’ Groundlings improv troupe.

What say you? Do you have any interest in seeing Angela Kinsey in her own FOX series?

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