Have you ever heard of ThePianoGuys? It's a group made up of a videographer (Paul Anderson), a studio engineer/songwriter (Al Van Der Beek), a pianist (Jon Schmidt) and a cellist (Steve Sharp Nelson) who create some pretty cool music videos. And their latest is one for movie buffs: 'Batman Evolution,' a journey through some of the most recognized Batman movie and TV show soundtracks as arranged for piano and cello.

'Batman Evolution' kicks off with the iconic theme song composed by Neal Hefti for the Adam West-led 'Batman' TV series, complete with "POW"s and "WHAP"s. From there, the arrangement transitions into the orchestral tones of Tim Burton's 1989 hit, as composed by Danny Elfman, before finishing with James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer's music from Christopher Nolan's 'Dark Knight' trilogy. And the Batmobiles from each of those films are there as visual cues!

It's really quite spectacular to watch a medley of this level. Be sure to add ThePianoGuys to your list of incredible viral acts to follow, right next to 2Cellos.

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