Do you like noir stories about time travel? If so, Deadly Premonition's developer Swery65 has got an episodic series just for you! Swery has unveiled the E3 trailer for D4, his newest project. Watch the trailer and find out if you're willing to save your wife, or if she's "outatime."

Though the cel-shared graphics and the scruffiness of the protagonist in D4 remind us of Bob in 'A Scanner Darkly,' we assure you that any bizarre hallucinations that occur throughout the trailer have to do with Swery's design, not Substance D. Not many specifics about the gameplay have been let out yet, but we know you will have to travel back in time in order to the prevent the death of your wife and deal with any bad guys or supernatural anomalies along the way.

Players won't need a DeLorean gassed with weapons-grade plutonium in order to fix the past, they will simply need to play D4 when it comes out exclusively on Xbox One sometime in 2014.