For as much denial as we’re under regarding Jon Stewart’s final Daily Show week, one has to wonder how Trevor Noah will fill the seat with his September premiere. Thankfully, not everything about The Daily Show will change with Stewart, as the old guard of executive producers will remain through Noah’s tenure.

Per Comedy Central, Emmy and Peabody-winning Daily Show executive producers Steve Bodow, Jen Flanz, Tim Greenberg, Jill Katz and Adam Lowitt will continue onward with the series through Trevor Noah’s premiere installment on September 28. Stewart’s last show will unfurl on August 6, giving the team shy of two months to craft Noah’s iteration.

Meanwhile, says Comedy Central of the staff continuity:

Steve, Jen, Tim, Jill and Adam have been key architects of ‘The Daily Show’s’ success, and we are excited that they will continue at the core of the creative team working with Trevor Noah as the show evolves. They remain committed to delivering the smart, insightful comedy that has become the hallmark of ‘The Daily Show.’

In the meantime, Noah continues prepping his new rendition from the ongoing TCA press tour, while we’ve also learned fan-favorite Daily Show contributor Lewis Black will continue making sporadic appearances with Noah’s tenure as well. Time will tell if Noah can fill Jon Stewart’s shoes, but does keeping the team instill Daily Show fans with confidence?

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