Last year, 'Dallas' fans were stunned to learn of the relatively sudden, and tragic passing of long-time series star Larry Hagman, famed for playing villainous oil magnate J.R. Ewing. Hagman had completed work on a number of episodes for TNT's revitalized series, entering its second season on January 28, necessitating that the character would pass away as well. But amid the myriad of past stars returning for the character's funeral, will 'Dallas' season 2 use Hagman's death as a launchpoint for a new mystery? Has someone new shot J.R.? Find out the latest from 'Dallas' season 2 inside!

'Dallas' star Larry Hagman may have passed away from cancer-related complications, but the show must go on. To that end, TV Guide Magazine has learned that while the show will honor Hagman with a funeral episode for J.R. Ewing, the character himself won't be passing away from any natural causes. New reports suggest that the character will actually be murdered by an unidentified assailant off-screen, likening back to the infamous 1980 "Who Shot J.R.?" mystery.

“We all felt having J.R. die of natural causes would have been completely inappropriate, not only to the character, but also to Larry Hagman,” executive producer Cynthia Cidre said of the arc. Meanwhile, Ewing's funeral episode will air on March 11, featuring return appearances from the likes of Gary Ewing (Ted Shackelford), half brother Ray Krebbs (Steve Kanaly), niece Lucy Ewing (Charlene Tilton), as well as Deborah Shelton’s Mandy Winger and Cathy Podewell’s Cally Harper Ewing.

What say you? Are you intrigued to see a new 'Dallas' mystery of who killed J.R., or would you rather see the character sent off of natural causes, as with Hagman himself?