We hope you're enjoying TNT's rebooted (continued?) rendition of the classic soap 'Dallas,' because more is on the way!  After a successful run of only 4 episodes, it looks like the network has struck oil.  Not only does the network have a Texas-sized hit on their hands, but the Ewings will continue to feud as the 'Dallas' reboot heads into a second season!  Plus, who's joining them in renewal?

Having only aired four out of ten episodes for the initial run of TNT's rebooted 'Dallas,' the network has decided to double down by ordering a second season, to air in 2013.  More than a simple renewal however, 'Dallas' sophomore run will receive 15 episodes, as opposed to the first season's 10.

So far, 'Dallas' has been averaging about 7 million viewers each week, as members of the old cast Patrick Duffy, Larry Hagman and Linda Gray interact with newcomers Jessie Metcalfe and Josh Henderson.

“'Dallas' has been a success for us on every level: pitch-perfect writing, smart directing and buzz-worthy performances by a new generation of stars and their iconic counterparts,” TNT, TBS and TCM boss Michael Wright says.  "It’s clear the Ewings of Southfork have once again captured the imagination of viewers.”

'Dallas' isn't alone, however, as TNT has also renewed crime drama 'Rizzoli & Isles' for a fourth season, also set for 2013.  No word yet on the fate of 'Falling Skies' or 'Franklin & Bash.'

What say you?  Have you been enjoying the Ewings return to Southfork in the updated 'Dallas?'  What do you hope to see from a second season?  Strike it rich in the comments below!