There's been a lot of debate about whether 'The Dark Knight Rises' can make more money than 'The Avengers' or if 'The Dark Knight Rises' will be a better movie than 'The Avengers' and, honestly, we might be a little spoiled if we're having that argument. Can't we just be satisfied that two huge and hugely entertaining superhero movies came out in the same summer?

But if you can't get enough of your Dark Knight/Avengers battles, we've got something for you that should satisfy your geekiest urges.

When we were kids, the Marvel/DC crossover comics were always a pleasant treat. In all honesty, nothing really spectacular ever happened in them but it was always fun to see your favorite DC superheroes like Batman or Superman fighting alongside your favorite Marvel superheroes like Spider-Man or The Avengers.

So what if Marvel and DC were able to bring that same concept to movie theaters?

Sadly, it's probably not ever going to happen (at least not in the foreseeable future) but that didn't stop us from wondering what if it did.

We put together a poster teasing the upcoming release of 'The Dark Knight vs. The Avengers' - the superhero crossover movie to end all superhero crossover movies. What could possibly bring these two forces together? Who would win? And what villainous force would they eventually team up to defeat?  Let all those questions swirl around in your head (and tell us your thoughts in the comments below) as you check out our original 'Dark Knight vs. Avengers' poster below (which you can click to see in super hi-res).