The DVD/Blu-ray of 'The Dark Knight Rises' hits on December 4th, ensuring that millions of people will spend their holidays watching Batman battle Bane (which is the true meaning of Christmas, after all). However, not everyone is a loyal Batfan and some people are going to need convincing that this package is worth their hard-earned pennies. Hence the clip below, which gives us a taste of the special features that'll be found on the disc.

You've got to love behind-the-scenes footage that actually educate the viewer on how scenes were created. How many times have you turned on a special feature "documentary" and found yourself watching a promo video made to advertise the movie before it was even released? If this clip is any indication, the special features on 'The Dark Knight Rises' will actually go into some detail about the scale and difficult of the production.

The clip below talks about the creation of the scene where Bane destroys an entire football field, which was created through a fascinating combination of practical effects, stunt work and CGI. Seeing this footage makes the final scene all the more impressive -- there are countless elements to keep track of and a dozen things could have gone horrible wrong.

'The Dark Knight Rises' hits shelves on December 4th. Are you going to buy it?