Can't get enough 'Dark Knight Rises' in your life? Well, you're in luck. Warner Bros. released 17 promotional images for the film today in hi-res for you to view including new looks at the mysterious characters of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard plus Christopher Nolan in action directing the film.

You've no doubt seen some of these images before but they're now available in super hi-res. We also get official looks at Miranda Tate (Cotillard) and John Blake (Gordon-Levitt) and you can feel free to speculate on who those characters actually are.

We also get a good look at director Christopher Nolan in action - behind the IMAX camera and later drawing those iconic chalk "bat" symbols that have been a big part of the 'Dark Knight Rises' campaign. It's interesting that his level of detail and control goes down to drawing little symbols on the wall in chalk.

Check out the 17 new 'Dark Knight Rises' below (click on each pic to see it in hi-res) and make sure to check back during Comic-Con 2012 for even more 'Dark Knight Rises' coverage.