Remember that awesome ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ footage Christian Bale, Gary Oldman and Joseph Gordon-Levitt brought to the MTV Movie Awards? The one that was pulled offline immediately after Warner allowed it to be screened as part of the program? Well, it’s back online – in HD – and you don’t have to endure thousands of screaming ‘Twilight’ fans to enjoy it.

“Let the games begin,” says Bane (Tom Hardy), and we can almost buy in to his impending sense of chaos and glee. We’re in the final stretch before ‘Rises’ reaches theaters, and with Comic-Con 2012 around the corner, Batman fans will be paying close attention to see if any little piece of fresh information emerges from the event to help tease the July 20 opening of this anticipated sequel.

Likely, Warner will simply sit on their hands. What more do they need to do to raise expectations for Christopher Nolan’s third and final film? Clips like this are doing enough stage-setting. Bring on the film!

As for the MTV clip, it’s really establishing Ann Hathaway’s Catwoman as a veritable scene-stealer. She seems to have perfected Selina Kyle’s above-it-all attitude, while also tapping into the fear that, we believe, is going to send Batman (Bale) into hiding from Bane.

All of the mysteries will be revealed soon enough. Here’s the ‘Dark Knight’ clip. Only a few weeks left to go.