If you saw 'The Dark Knight Rises' (and who's kidding who, we know you did...) you know that film took place eight years after the events in 'The Dark Knight.' A lot happened in that time that isn't addressed in 'The Dark Knight Rises' and now to help bridge the gap, we have an official 'Dark Knight Rises' prologue that promises some answers!

Of course, there's a catch. (Of course there is...)

The prologue is being released as a motion comic by DC and is only being made available as a downloadable app on Nokia Windows Phone devices. iPhone? Nope. Android? Negatory. Blackberry? No. Nokia Windows Phone devices, which make up a whopping 2.2% of the market share.

So not a lot of you will get to see this unless you have that one friend who actually has a Nokia Windows phone and finally gets to gloat that his phone is cool.

So why didn't DC Comics just publish the prologue? Nokia was a major sponsor of 'The Dark Knight Rises' and was likely promised some exclusive content as a condition of their partnership. And now if you're one of the 97.8% of people in America who don't own a Nokia phone, you still have no idea what happened in between 'The Dark Knight and 'The Dark Knight Rises.'

But hey, we've got a preview up above! There's a plane and a Ford Escape or something a city on fire. That should tide you over until you go get your Nokia phone! If you do actually have a Nokia Windows phone, you can download the 'Dark Knight Rises' prologue here. And then be a dear and tell us what happens.