You can't see 'The Dark Knight Rises' yet, but you can listen to it. At least a little bit as the 'Dark Knight Rises' soundtrack is being previewed online!

Perhaps this is blasphemy to even suggest, but Hans Zimmer’s score for Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies could be as vital to the finished product as Christian Bale’s brooding performance or Wally Pfister’s gorgeous cinematography. As ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ nears its July 20 release date, we’re chomping at the bit to hear what the composer has cooked up for Nolan’s third and allegedly final film, so today’s audio tease is like an early Christmas gift. has samples from each track on the pending ‘Dark Knight Rises’ soundtrack, which we’re able to share below. The album will be available in stores on July 17, and is able to be pre-ordered via Amazon (do so by clicking here).

We also have the track listing. One stands out to us: No. 11 – “Why Do We Fall?” That’s a direct callback to Nolan’s ‘Batman Begins,’ and proves Nolan’s trying to tie these three films together while also circling back around to the first chapter.

Here’s the audio player for sampling the tracks on the 'Dark Knight Rises' soundtrack. We’ve also posted the track listing below. Will this help tide you over until July 20? Or do these samplings only have you salivating even more for ‘Rises’ (when you realize we still have almost a month to go)?