Curious about what secrets Christopher Nolan is hiding in ‘The Dark Knight Rises?’ Think there's more to this film than meets the eye (and not in a 'Transfomers' way)?  You might be right, and a new toy could tip off a serious spoiler regarding the anticipated sequel.

Major, major, major potential spoilers lie ahead. Avoid at all costs if you do not want to read any further about this ‘Dark Knight Rises’ reveal.


An advertisement for a ‘Dark Knight’ toy line (via Film School Rejects and io9) hints that Azrael might make an appearance in Nolan’s film. For comic book newbies, Azrael was part of the ‘Knightfall’ story arc, taking over for Batman after Bane cracked the hero’s spine and knocked him out of commission.

The character standing to the right of Batman in the image below seems to look like a modified Caped Crusader. Now, it might just be a different suit that Bruce Wayne wears at some point during Nolan’s film. But speculation already is running rampant that Gordon-Levitt’s cop character, John Blake, will assume the role of Batman while Christian Bale’s crime-fighter recuperates.

It makes sense. Why cast an actor of Gordon-Levitt’s caliber for a minor supporting role? And if you are going to bring in Bane (Tom Hardy), then you have to do Bane’s most famous plotline, which is ‘Knightfall.’ And that requires Azrael.

We could be grasping at straws. This could just be a modified suit for Batman to wear. [UPDATE: the photos were indeed confirmed to be an alternate costume - "Stealth Vision Batman" - for the toy line.]  It could be a ploy to sell more toys. But speculation helps pass the time while we wait for ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on July 20. So share your thought. Do you think that toy is Azrael, and will we see the alternate Batman in Nolan’s third and reportedly final film?