As much as we love Christopher Nolan's Batman movies, does anyone else get the feeling that he's a little embarrassed to be making superhero movies? After all, Batman's ride isn't the Batmobile, it's the Tumbler. The latest trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' showcases Batman's new mode of aerial transport, but it's not the Batplane. Nope. It's the Bat. In any case, the latest spot for the film showcases a lot of it and it looks pretty cool.

Like all of the previous trailers for the epic conclusion of Nolan's Bat-trilogy, this one is light on plot and heavy on "Oh My, This Thing Looks Huge And Expensive." Nolan, like JJ Abrams, is the kind of filmmaker who believes that trailers that show too much do a massive disservice to the finished product, so it's little wonder that so much of his latest film remains cloaked in mystery (despite being the only 2012 film with a chance to rival 'The Avengers' at the box office). After all, we still don't know what arch-villain Bane is up to and we have no clue how Catwoman is going to figure into any of this. However, when your last film made $533 million in the United States alone and midnight tickets are already going for big bucks, your movie can afford to skimp on the plot details.

Anyway, the new spot is pretty action-packed and features Morgan Freeman's Lucius Fox making a pretty terrific callback to a line of dialogue from 'Batman Begins.' Consider it another morsel for all of the Batfans desperate for that July 27 release date to hurry up and arrive.

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