Tim Burton's 'Dark Shadows' was slow on its roll out to theaters - it didn't have a trailer until a couple of weeks ago and for a summer release it's been curiously mute until recently. You'd think a Tim Burton/ Johnny Depp film would be hyped more after their 'Alice in Wonderland.' But now we have a featurette for the movie, which talks about vampire lore and a little bit about the original show.

Though the trailer was exciting, it's hard to get a sense of how the film plays from the footage so far. Obviously it's got a rock score background, but we can see the fish out of water gags getting old. The film looks gorgeous, and this gives a better look at the plot.

What this featurette focuses on is vampires, and that seems partly to build to talking about how Christopher Lee (now a Burton regular) is in the film, and Depp's vampire gets to hypnotize one of cinema's most famous Draculas. They also give a shout out to the original cast and it's nice to see them show respect to Jonathan Frid, who recently passed away. Likely the film will have a little tribute to the actor, who appears in the film.

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