Gabriel Range’s biopic on pre-fame David Bowie, titled Stardust, was released on November 25. The film stars Johnny Flynn as the mystifying rock star while he reinvents himself as Ziggy Stardust during his The Man Who Sold the World Tour. Stardust is proving to be controversial with fans, because none of Bowie’s music appears in the film. Bowie’s son, Duncan Jones, also stated that Salon Pictures did not get the family’s blessing to make the movie.

Despite this, Stardust reminds us that Bowie’s role as an artist expanded beyond that of a stage performer. He took on many roles during his prolific career, including several in movies. Bowie’s essence played very well on camera, leading him to accept a series of compelling parts in a variety of films.

Here are Bowie’s 12 most iconic film roles, ranked from lackluster to transcendent.

12 Iconic David Bowie Movie Roles Ranked From Worst to Best

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