While Black Panther has already been introduced into the MCU, his first solo movie will act as another introduction of sorts. We’ll meet Wakanda, the nation T’Challa now rules over; we’ll get to know the real motivation behind Ulysses Klaw’s fanaticism; and we’ll also get to see some really cool villains in their MCU debut. We know Erik Killmonger will be complicating things for T’Challa and his rule over the nation, but did you know that Deadly Nightshade will also be making an appearance? She actually already has!

Actress/singer Nabiyah Be confirmed as much on her Twitter (spotted by our buddies at Birth.Movies.Death.) and shared a screenshot of Deadly Nightshade a.k.a. Tilda Johnson’s debut in the trailer alongside Killmonger. Looks like these two are gonna be causing trouble together.

This Nightshade wears far more practical gear than her comics counterpart, and also has slightly different hair. Marvel is definitely doing their best to ground these storylines in reality. In the comics, Nightshade grew up in Harlem in New York, which is where she met Killmonger after he and his family were banished from Wakanda. Her appearance in the movie seems to point to a slightly more U.S.-centric version of these characters than in the comics. For example, in the canon, T’Challa was educated at Oxford, but the movie reportedly shows a flashback to him at St. Mary’s College High School (which is where Ryan Coogler went to school). Sure, people go abroad to college all the time, and MCU Black Panther might still be an Oxford man, but Coogler is definitely connecting this story in many ways to America, which is pretty cool.

Black Panther hits theaters February 16, 2018.

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