This hasn’t been a great month for Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool 2. Between the departure of director Tim Miller and the loss of composer Junkie XL, the sequel to the breakout superhero hit has been losing momentum at a time where it should be locking in the moving parts for the next iteration of the film. That still hasn’t stopped 20th Century Fox from pushing forward with the sequel, which apparently will begin shooting as early as January 2017, production problems be darned.

According to the Canadian production site What’s Filming? (via Heroic Hollywood), the film is set to shoot in British Columbia beginning this January, leaving the producers of Deadpool 2 a little under two months to finish the script, find a replacement director, cast two major characters  —  Domino and Cable  —  and get the production underway. Hopefully, 20th Century Fox is farther along in the production process than they’ve on; the only alternative is that they would rather rush a movie into production than risk striking while the iron is no longer hot.

If Deadpool 2 rushes a half-baked movie into production, it would be a sadly fitting bookend to the original film’s oft-delayed production history. Deadpool would go from the poster child for all passion projects that can’t quite get off the ground to the poster child for all franchise sequels that Hollywood would rather under cook than delay. Fans never want to hear that production on one of their favorite movies has been delayed, but in the case of Deadpool 2, I think we’d all make an exception. Push it back and get it right and I promise people will still see it when it hits theaters. Cross my heart and hope to die.

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