Some new videos have surfaced, featuring gameplay demos of Capcom's upcoming PlayStation 4 online multiplayer role-playing game, Deep Down.

An article on VG247 shows the two new Deep Down videos (posted by RajmanGaming). In the videos, you can see a brief demo of the single-player gameplay, in which the player activates an item and delves into its memories. What results is a procedurally-generated dungeon in which the player can explore and fight monsters.

The other video features multiplayer gameplay and shows one of the players using the Remote Play function of the PlayStation Vita to control the action. We get to see bits of the menu screens, a few monsters and some of the multiplayer dynamics when taking on a giant monster, like a fire-breathing dragon.

The graphics and particle physics look pretty impressive, but we'll leave you to be the real judges. Check out the videos above and below and look out for Deep Down when it comes to PlayStation 4 in the future.