Yes, the video above is just a marketing ploy for the upcoming horror movie 'Devil's Due,' and, yes, it's very similar to other horror-centric gimmicks we've seen in recent years. Heck, the 'Carrie' remake did something similar a few months ago. But we'll go ahead and throw our pride by the wayside and just admit that we laughed a whole bunch at this thing.

The initial set-up is familiar to anyone who has ever seen a video prank show of any kind. A baby carriage is left unattended in the streets of New York City, prompting concerned citizens to lean in for a closer look. Of course, the baby in the carriage is actually an animatronic antichrist, who leaps out the carriage, effectively scaring the crap out of anyone who gets too close.

The first few scares are amusing enough in a typical hidden-camera-hijinks kind of way, but the video starts to get really special when an unseen technician starts controlling the carriage by remote control, sending the demon infant down the sidewalk, knocking over anything that gets in its way. The prank gets even better when the baby begins to give the finger to other pedestrians as it cruises through the city, any pretense of scares replaced with a hilarious and utterly bizarre joyride.

We haven't seen 'Devil's Due' yet, but we have a feeling that it won't be nearly as much fun as this video. We'd definitely pay to watch 90 minutes of an unruly Satan Baby cruising through NYC vomiting on people and knocking over street artists' wares, 'Jackass' style.

'Devil's Due' opens in theaters on January 17.

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