In the pantheon of bad Hollywood ideas, the one where you attempt a half-assed 'Rosemary's Baby' reboot with found footage would have to rank up there near the top. And, that's pretty much what we're getting with 'Devil's Due,' a movie about a woman who slowly realizes she's pregnant with the spawn of Satan. Watch the trailer...if you dare.

To be fair to 'Rosemary's Baby,' a classic of psychological horror, 'Devil's Due' apes only the basic premise; the rest is pure by-the-books, cheapo horror filmmaking. Even worse is the found footage, which seems to get more and more non-sensical as the trailer progresses. Your wife is screaming on the floor, her hands and crotch covered in blood with scissors between her legs and you...go and get the camera, because this will totally make the front page of Reddit. (Also, it sort of negates your found footage premise when you cast the guy from 'LOST' as your priest.)

We'll admit to learning about this movie for the first time just yesterday as Fox announced it's January release date. Probably not a good sign when they announce a movie just three months before it's scheduled to hit theaters.

This movie wants to be the 'Chronicle' for evil-baby horror movies, but it looks like it's just another weak entry into the genre. The film was directed by the Radio Silence, the directing group behind the "10/31/98" segment in 'V/H/S' - a passable found footage short film, but we're not seeing much of that upstart style in this film so far.

'Devil's Due' opens in theaters on January 17.