When you're a serial killer - even a serial killer of serial killers - you have to be nervous that your friends, family and loved ones will find out. For Michael C. Hall's titluar character 'Dexter,' the worst thing possible is happening in this sneak peak at Season Seven.

Dexter (Hall) is confronted by his sister Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) with a body in front of him. Though the clip bleeps out the curse words (which undercuts the scene a little as it sounds funny), this is obviously a critical moment in their relationship, which continues from the cliffhanger at the end of Season six.

Of course, Dexter was adopted, which complicated things for the two when Debra started having feelings for him. And that is something the series might revisit in this, it's penultimate season. Such also means that this standoff must be resolved, but how will only be revealed when the Seventh season starts September 30.

Still, there's a lot of possibilities on the table for how this season could go, and with the end of the series in sight, it's possible that some of the main characters could be killed off. We'll have the comic panel news up shortly, but until then, enjoy this clip: