Michael C. Hall Is in for a 'Dexter' Revival
The possibility of a Dexter revival has been whispered for some time, and it might be surprisingly easy to get star Michael C. Hall onboard. The erstwhile Bay Harbor Butcher says enough time has passed that he’s willing to return, and all it will take is a solid pitch.
17 TV Twists That Fans Figured Out Way Ahead of Time
It takes a lot to stand out in the era of Peak TV, and no one series can resist the siren song of shocking twists. Some lay groundwork more carefully than others, so which major swerves were audiences miles ahead of? From LOST to Star Trek: Discovery, we’ve sleuthed out seventeen that savvy viewers put together long before showrunners intended.
Michael C. Hall Joins Netflix 'The Crown' Season 2 as JFK
You might not be alone to have only caught Netflix’s The Crown after its surprising Golden Globe wins, but Season 2 of the historical Royal Family drama is nonetheless going to turn some heads. Among the attention-grabbing additions of late is none other than Dexter and Six Feet Under star Michael C. Hall, playing none other than John F. Kennedy.
Netflix 'Iron Fist' Taps 'Dexter's Scott Buck as Showrunner
The lack of news on Netflix’s Iron Fist had many worried Marvel had decided to change its fourth Defender, even as brass insisted on launching Jessica Jones before declaring any official Iron Fist news. That day appears at last to have come, now that former Dexter showrunner Scott Buck has been hired to to run Marvel’s final Defender creatively.

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