'Zootopia' (which is a working title) was announced to be the next big Walt Disney Animation Studios film coming in 2016, announced at this year's D23 Expo.

'Zootopia' director Byron Howard and writer Jared Bush were introduced to the stage to preview the coming project, both of whom describe it as a buddy-action comedy set in an animal world.

According to Howard and Bush, we've never seen animals in a modern world designed by animals, which serves as the premise for the film. The animation team has created an entire animal civilization that's completely based on the real world.

The story centers around a big problem in the city of Zootopia, which is that animals don't get along. Nick Wilde, a fox, is one of the lead characters of 'Zootopia,' along with a rabbit named Lt. Judy Hops. By the end of the film, what will be most important, according to Howard and Bush, is the relationship between this pair. They start off as natural enemies, but end up as friends.


Some other characters we can expect are Gazelle -- an outspoken, mega-pop star who always has a social agenda -- a lot of dumb wildebeests, and a rude porcupine who will be thrown into the ceiling. (Remember, it's animated, so no animals were harmed.) Each of the various characters were created using the idea of melding animal habits and environments with humans and real-world locations.

That said, some sites that will be featured in the film are the various sections of Zootopia, such as Tundratown for the cold-weather animals, Sahara Square for the desert animals (home of the luxurious Oasis Hotel, which is based on the imagery of a coconut tree) and Burrow Borough (the cutest part of town with tons of bunnies and a Rabbit Transit Train).

'Zootopia' is set for release in 2016.