'Django Unchained' has a new international trailer and after watching this, if you're like us, then Christmas can't get here fast enough. Not because of what Santa's going to put under our trees, no, what we want is 'Django' (which opens on Christmas Day).

The international teaser runs twenty-two seconds long, and features some (but not all) of the footage we've already seen. [UPDATE: The full international trailer has been released an runs a solid 2:04 with a whole bunch of great, new footage from the film.] But what's interesting is that there are some snippets of new footage and alternate angles. When Leonardo DiCaprio says "Gentleman, you had my curiosity, but now you have my attention" it's from a different angle than in the domestic theatrical trailer. Which makes us think this wasn't done with Tarantino's hands-on approval.

Still, it's slightly more of Christoph Waltz, Jamie Foxx, and DiCaprio playing cowboys, and it's hard to say which angles Quentin Tarantino will use for the finished film. The movie is still in production, and they're likely cutting now as well. And though we've been hit with a flood of new stuff over the past couple of days, we wouldn't expect this to go 'The Avengers' route and have thirty minutes of footage online before release. Doesn't matter, we're already sold.