The trailer for Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Django Unchained’ showed us something we haven’t seen before: A sadistic side of Leonardo DiCaprio. Oh, we’ve see DiCaprio unhinged before. Scorsese taps into an animalistic side of the Oscar-nominated actor at regular intervals. (Rent ‘Shutter Island’ or ‘Gangs of New York’ for examples.) But the Leo on display in Tarantino’s film is … different. He’s crazy. And he’s loving it.

UPDATE: The photo has been removed at the request of The Weinstein Company.

This new shot of DiCaprio’s slave-driving character, Calvin Candie, disturbs because he’s so subdued. We’re learning about the horrors Candie encourages on his plantation. But this appears to be the face he wears in public, so that people don’t suspect the creature that lurks beneath his surface. It’s placid. Calm. Unchallenging. And there’s nothing scarier than a monster who hides in plain sight.

The guys over at HeyYouGuys originally posted this and it gives us another reason to rave about ‘Django’ as we wait for another chip to land on the table. Could Tarantino bring part of ‘Django Unchained’ to Comic-Con? We’ll know soon enough.

In the meantime, here’s DiCaprio in character (above), with an unusually-long pipe. And here's the international trailer, for good measure. Let us know what you think.