Ever since Matt Smith announced his retirement from 'Doctor Who' at the end of the year, fans of the longrunning BBC sci-fi series have patiently awaited news of his replacement, especially given swirling rumors about unconventional casting choices. That day may have finally come, as reports emerge that the 12th 'Doctor Who' will be announced with a live special this coming weekend!

News of the potential announcement first arrived from MSN UK Entertainment's Twitter feed, who revealed that an official announcement would arrive tonight at midnight, UK time. Rather than the big revelation itself however, DoctorWhoTV believes that the announcement will detail the live special on Sunday evening 7:00 P.M. on BBC1 entitled 'Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor.'

The live special will reportedly be hosted by Zoe Ball, with an appearance from series showrunner Steven Moffat himself. Most recently floating out actor Peter Capaldi, rumored contenders for the role have included Domhnall Glesson (Bill Weasley from the ‘Harry Potter‘ series), Daniel Kaluuya (‘The Fades’) and Dominic Cooper (Howard Stark from ‘Captain America’). Others have suggested the BBC may choose a woman or actor of a different race to portray the Doctor for the first time.

We'll keep you posted on the latest, but what say you? Are you intrigued that we might finally learn Matt Smith's 'Doctor Who' replacement this coming Sunday? Who would you want to see in the role? Watch the previous regenerations below, and give us your pics in the comments!