While most of Comic-Con 2013's more exclusive videos eventually made their way online for fans unable to attend the events, 'Doctor Who''s release of a 50th anniversary trailer seems to be among the few holdouts not yet shown to hungry Who-vians. Thankfully, the BBC has confirmed a brand-new trailer to be on the way, teasing our first look at "The Day of the Doctor" with some promos!

For at least the moment, 'Doctor Who' fans will have to make do with the brief BBC spots teasing the November 23 release, the only discernible reveal of which is Matt Smith saying aloud the title of the episode. If nothing else, the network revealed itself to be in post-production on a new trailer, saying of the spot, "It's never been seen before and is currently in post-production. Bold, brilliant and unexpected, it promises to be an ideal way to look forward to the big day."

In addition to David Tennant's return as the 10th Doctor and John Hurt's guest turn as the "Dark Doctor," the landmark anniversary special will run for a full 75 minutes. The 23rd will also give rise to the airing of a special by Professor Brian Cox on BBC Two about the science behind the show, coupled with ‘Sherlock‘ star Mark Gatiss’ ‘Doctor Who’ origins movie, ‘An Adventure in Space and Time.’

We'll bring you the latest on the 'Doctor Who' 50th anniversary special trailer. In the meantime, check out the newest "Day of the Doctor" teases above and below, and tell us what you want to see from the November 23 release in the comments!