For as much as 'Doctor Who' fans dread the thought of Matt Smith leaving the series behind, promotion for 2013 Christmas special "The Time of the Doctor" has officially reached a fever pitch. Our first real trailer for the landmark installment has arrived, teasing otherworldly action from some of the Doctor's most iconic villains as we say goodbye to number 11.

The Christmas theme lends a nice touch to the new trailer, which highlights the Doctor's ultimate end at Trenzalore, long known to be the site of his grave. We saw Weeping Angels, Daleks, Cybermen and more, but who among them will strike the final blow as the Doctor bellows, "If you want my life, come and get it!"

Says the BBC’s official description of the special:

Orbiting a quiet backwater planet, the massed forces of the universe’s deadliest species gather, drawn to a mysterious message that echoes out to the stars – and amongst them, the Doctor.

Rescuing Clara from a family Christmas dinner, the Time Lord and his best friend must learn what this enigmatic signal means for his own fate and that of the universe.

Additional reports claim that the special will answer a number of continuity mysteries from Matt Smith’s tenure, among them the true regeneration numbering that became complicated both by John Hurt‘s portrayal of “The War Doctor” and a regeneration used up during David Tennant‘s run.

Feast your eyes on Matt Smith's final 'Doctor Who' trailer for "The TIme of the Doctor" above, and give us your predictions of Peter Capaldi's ultimate arrival in the comments!