Woo!  Only a few short days after announcing that ITV's 'Titanic' star Jenna-Louise Coleman would fill in for Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) and Rory Williams (Arthur Darvish) as The Doctor's newest companion, now we get our first official look at the girl in action.  And let us tell you, it's...

Absolutely nothing.  British sci-fi series 'Doctor Who's seventh season has been in production for several weeks now, and the BBC has seen fit to release the first official image of Jenna-Louise Coleman as the Eleventh Doctor's as-yet-unnamed companion.  Rather simply, it highlights Coleman in a colorful sweater outside  the Doctor's iconic TARDIS, which seems to be made out of wood.  Actually, is the TARDIS supposed to be wood on the outside?  I honestly have no idea.

Coleman's character will first appear in the 2012 'Doctor Who' Christmas special, after Amy Pond and Rory Williams make their exit in the fifth episode of the seventh series.  Just as all circumstances of Coleman's character remain unclear, so too are the details surrounding the current companions' exit, which is rumored to end in the death of either one or both.

Feast your eyes on all the non-descriptive glory of Jenna-Louise Coleman as The Doctor's next companion in the image below, and tell us your theories about the character in the comments!