For as long as 'Doctor Who' has been resurgent in the public consciousness, especially given the imminent 50th anniversary of the franchise, fans have clamored for the Time Lord to star in his own movie. There had been talk of rebooting the franchise as a film with 'Harry Potter' director David Yates, but now the truth of the matter has emerged. 'Doctor Who' will indeed see a movie airing this year, but one chronicling the real-life development of the franchise itself, with 'Harry Potter's' David Bradley appearing as original Doctor William Hartnell for 'An Adventure in Space and Time!'

'An Adventure in Space and Time' may not have been exactly what 'Doctor Who' fans had in mind with hopes for a feature-length movie, but the project should prove no less resonant. The BBC will air the TV-movie later this year, chronicling the real-life genesis of the long-running sci-fi franchise with 'Harry Potter' and sometime 'Doctor Who' star David Bradley as actor William Hartnell.

Brian Cox will also appear in the film as BBC Head of Drama Sydney Newman, with Jessica Raine as 'Doctor Who' producer Verity Lambert. 'An Adventure in Space and Time' will be directed by Terry McDonough ('Breaking Bad'), written by 'Doctor Who' writer Mark Gatiss, and executive produced by Gatiss and current 'Who' exec producers Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner.

“It’s a lovely story about very fascinating characters,” said Skinner of the project. “There are lots of witty and entertaining stories about the genesis of 'Doctor Who' which say quite a lot about what the early ‘60s in Britain was like. But it’s also a very personal story about William Hartnell and Verity Lambert and their relationship being forged in the making of what turned out to be a sensational hit show that we’re still watching today.”

'Doctor Who' proper will resume its seventh series on March 30, but what say you? Will you watch 'An Adventure in Space and Time' for a look into the real-life history of 'Doctor Who'?