Ah, meta humor.  Long may you reign.  Having spent a full six seasons on the air, NBC's '30 Rock' has long learned that if you love something you must eventually set it free, but that doesn't mean it can't ever come back!  That's why '30 Rock's upcoming live episode is going to gain a little 'Community' spirit!

TVLine reports that former '30 Rock' writer, occasional cameo performer, current 'Community' star and rapper Donald Glover will appear in an upcoming '30 Rock' episode!  Glover will appear during the already-announced April 26 live episode - the second the show has performed - standing in as a young version of character Tracy Jordan.  '30 Rock' executive producer Robert Carlock says “Donald does an excellent Tracy Morgan-slash-Jordan impression.”

Glover actually began as a writer for the NBC meta-series after graduating from NYU in 2006, and made three small appearances on the series over the years, once as a P.A. in 2006's "Jack-tor,' lending his voice as a producer in 2007's "Jack Gets in the Game," and once as an outed gay high school student in 2009's "Kidney Now."  Additionally, Glover had been referenced by name on the series as an ethnic member of the NBC staff, and also lent vocals to fill in for in-show song "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah."

As previously supported, the April 26 live episode will follow Kenneth Parcell (Jack McBrayer) on a quest to inspire the TGS staff to fight for the right to live television, taking them through a magical look back through their studio's history after Kabletown bosses announce they will no longer pay for TGS to air live.  Presumably, Glover's younger incarnation of Tracy Jordan will play some role in that history.

Glover's appearance marks a bit of good publicity for both '30 Rock' and 'Community, who this week alone have faced Alec Baldwin's tweets about leaving NBC as well as the continued leak of voice-mail feuds between Chevy Chase and 'Community' creator Dan Harmon.

Will you tune in to '30 Rock' to catch 'Community' star Donald Glover, or do you shy away from both NBC critic jewels?  Are you still not over Donald Glover being passed over for 'The Amazing Spider-Man?'  Check out Donald's earlier cameo, then tell us your thoughts either way in the comments!