BioWare has been keeping details about Dragon Age: Inquisition pretty close to the vest during the last few months, but a panel at PAX Australia has shed some new light on what we can expect from the third game in the epic fantasy role-playing series.

According to Official Xbox Magazine UK, some of the key features that were detailed were changes to the dialogue system, more landscapes to explore and choices that have bigger impacts to the story and the world.

With regard to the dialogue system, BioWare is aiming to change the flow of conversations by having your stats and present companions play a bigger role on your interactions. They'll also be tweaking the relationship between your dialogue choices and what your character ends up saying as a result.

Inquisition is also set to feature more exploration, giving us a chance to check out varied lanscapes such as deserts, swamps, mountains and other locations. This should be a welcome change for fans who were disappointed by the Kirkwall-centric areas in Dragon Age 2.

Finally, your choices will have even greater consequences. In fact, the scene in the trailer that features Varric in the middle of a burning village, kneeling next to a body is cited as just one of the major consequences of your actions.

Every bit of news about Dragon Age: Inquisition just gets us more and more hyped for the game, so we're looking forward to seeing more information released down the line.

Let us know your thoughts on these changes to the series and whether or not you welcome them.