Although we're currently in the movie doldrums, there are two big action movies looking to make a splash this September. On one hand, you've got 'Dredd,' a reboot of a comic book franchise that was dead on arrival in its original 1995 incarnation, and you've got 'Resident Evil: Retribution,' the fifth entry in a series that, like its zombie villains, refuses to die. Now, the former has a new featurette and the latter has a handful of new TV spots.

Of the two films, 'Dredd' is definitely the tougher sell. Although known to comic book aficionados, the character of Judge Dredd is a non-entity to most Americans and while we here at Screencrush love Karl Urban, he's not exactly a name that can open movies. Hence the sheer number of featurettes that Lionsgate has produced for the film, each of them highlighting the film's unique style and badass lead character. This featurette is latest, but with three weeks to go until it opens, it's certainly not the last.

While Karl Urban hopes to create  new franchise with 'Dredd,' Milla Jovovich continues to ride the 'Resident Evil' series to consistent, if not always spectacular, box office receipts (how else is a girl going to fund her true passion of fashion design?). The most interesting thing about these two new TV spots (which feature all of the slow motion gunplay and wire-assisted fighting that we've come to expect from these things) is that they sell the film as the "final battle." There hasn't been a more blatant franchise lie since the fourth-and-not-last 'Final Destination' film was titled 'The Final Destination.'

Resident Evil: Retribution arrives in theaters on September 14 and Dredd follows on September 21. Will you be seeing either of them?

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