'Dredd 3D,' the big screen reboot of the semi-iconic British comic book character, opens a month from now and the marketing maching is kicking into high gear with the movie's first TV spot and a new viral site.

Collider pointed us to the new 30-second TV ad, which boils down the movie's longer trailer yet still manages to convey the essence of what 'Dredd' is all about (namely, lots of post-apocalyptic urban wasteland violence). Viewers who have not seen the trailer will also get to hear star Karl Urban whisper the immortal "I am the law" line as well.

As for the viral site, it's called Dredd Report and it is sort of a weird mix of links to actual news stories along with movie-related content (it also looks a lot like the website of a certain right-wing news 'reporter' whose name we won't mention). There are a number of stories on there about life in Dredd's stomping grounds of Mega City One that are meant to enhance and expand upon the bleak scenario of the film.

That scenario, of course, finds 800 million people living in Mega City, the massive city-state that was once the Eastern seaboard of the U.S. Dredd is one of the elite corps of Judges who dispense justice on the spot in the increasingly crime-ridden streets. He and his new trainee (Olivia Thirlby) are tasked with defeating the evil Ma-Ma (Lena Headey), a drug kingpin who is dispensing the deadly new "Slo-Mo" drug throughout the city.

'Dredd 3D' (we kind of wish that the '3D' tag didn't have to be affixed to the title of every movie screened in stereo these days), directed by Pete Travis, opens on September 21st.

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