The official poster for 'Dredd' has been released with the tagline "Judgment is Coming." Get it? Because he's a Judge! Take a look at the official poster, which feels a little familiar...

'Dredd' is hitting theaters September 21, and it's also premiering at Fantastic Fest in Austin the same week with a special red carpet event. Until then, you can take a gander at the official poster for the film, which will be released in eye-popping (or eye-hurting, depending on your opinion) 3D.

'Dredd' follows a law enforcement official of the same name (Karl Urban) in a not-too-distant dystopian future where Judges are the last word of the law and serve as judge, jury, and executioner in a streamlined society. But when a new drug called "Slow-Mo" hits the streets and starts taking over, Dredd must fight his way to the top to battle an evil druglord called Maw-Maw (Lena Headey).

But hey, this poster looks just a tad familiar, doesn't it? We thought so, too. In fact, it looks strikingly similar to another poster for a comic book adaptation -- 2003's 'Daredevil,' starring Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. (Side note: Are those two super glad they have this horrible film to celebrate the beginning of their relationship, or what?)

Check out both posters below: